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Jim Bedigan Software Developer

Richard Davies Investor Relations

"Over the last twenty years that we have worked together, I have been highly impressed by Jim's dedication, hard work and conscientious approach to his role as out-board programmer to my businesses. Jim has worked on a number of projects, including flagship server applications for the Investor Relations market. He has consistently proven to be a consultant of integrity and honesty whose down-to-earth logical attitude and helpful nature has made the difficult task of developing software products for a challenging market a pleasure rather than a travail."

Richard DaviesMD

Aspen Travel

"We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Technospeak . We have been guided by Jim Bedigan for over 9 years.  Jim has attended many meetings on our behalf in order to understand the offerings made to us and ensure they will suit our requirements. His technical advice has been invaluable in our decision making on several occasions. He has always been available to assist us in difficult issues. We will not undertake any new projects without his approval, as he spots things we aren’t even aware of."

Brendan Clancy

"On behalf of everyone at I would like to thank you for all your hard work in the development of our web site. From the initial consultation all way through the project, your professionalism, technical competence and advice have been invaluable in reaching a successful conclusion to the project. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone."

Simon RuddMD

Discrete Heat

"Technospeak are a perfect IT & software support partner. Clear goals, realistic timescales and predictable costs. Wouldn't use anyone else."

Martin Wadsworth, MD

Retrieval Enterprise

"Jim is extremely effective at delivering results on time. His great technical expertise and experience, combined with excellent communication skills, provide a very strong foundation for any project. In addition he brings a very positive approach to any team either as team leader or member."

Tim JeffersonMD

Tim Jefferson worked with Jim Bedigan for six years on an anti-fraud product called Cheetah, both in initial development at Tim's company, Retrieval Enterprise, and after Unisys acquired the rights, at its government division head office at Slough.